The Ultimate Guide to Unforgettable Team Away Days and Activities

In the current work environment of remote working and flexible office schedules, it’s crucial to create opportunities for team members to come together. Team-building activities and company team away days provide the much-needed chance for relationship building and socialisation, fostering a positive company culture and boosting morale.

This break can help employees rejuvenate and refocus, returning to work with increased productivity and a fresh outlook.

Investing in company events and away days can also help increase employee happiness and job satisfaction, showing that employers care for their personal and professional development. Such initiatives can help employees better understand their roles within the company, leading to increased confidence in their work and improved job satisfaction.

Develop New Skills

Additionally, team activities and away days can help employees develop new skills and work together more effectively (especially if you can get them out of the office), leading to increased productivity and collaboration in the workplace. By getting to know each other on a more personal level, team members can improve communication and build stronger relationships, creating a stronger sense of community (I’m sure we’ve all made connections on a different level being out of the office in a different environment!)

Participating in team activities and away days can help employees see the big picture of the company’s goals and mission, leading to increased investment in the company’s success and, hence, improved productivity. Events and activities can also help build trust among team members, essential for effective teamwork and improved work efficiency.

According to Lorman, 76% of millennials believe professional development opportunities are one of the most important aspects of company culture.

Incorporating team activities and team away days into a companies calendar of events can provide so many benefits…

For both employees and employers, improving morale, productivity, and teamwork, among others. At Huxley, our team activities are challenging, enjoyable, and tailored to meet our clients’ objectives and solve their problems, making them unforgettable experiences. We want everyone to have an amazing time, whilst proving be great value for businesses. Don’t settle for cheesy raft-building; invest in unique team activities and make a long-lasting impact on your team’s success and outlook.

team away days with huxley events

Team taking part in the Killing Crime Scene Investigation Experience

Our most popular team experiences for away days at the moment are:

  • The Killing Crime Scene Investigation Experience – your chance to solve a murder investigation! Designed by Ex-Scotland Yard Detectives this is completely immersive, get hands-on with fingerprinting, case files, police statements and creating photofits to name just a few of the activities.
  • Shorter on time? Cracked It! – A “tabletop” style Prison themed Escape Room! In this fast-paced prison-themed escape room-style activity, you and your team will be given 45 minutes on the clock to solve all the puzzles, break into the governor’s office, and escape over the wall. 
  • The Ultimate GPS Treasure Hunt – Get out the office and into the city for our high-tech, fun GPS treasure hunts! Head to our hotspots to unlock challenges you’ll complete as a team to win points. From trivia questions to photo challenges, it’s anyone’s game!

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