Crime Talks is a series of unique and engage talks. Perfect for conferences, events & after dinner.



Are you wanting to entertain and captivate your audience? Looking for something completely unique as an ice-breaker, mid-event energiser, lectures  or after dinner activity? We offer a range of amazing “crime talks” delivered by Ex-Scotland Yard Detectives.

Experience suitable for virtual, live or hybrid delivery.

Our crime masterclasses are the perfect way to engage with Ex-Scotland Yard, and Murder Squad Detective Chief Inspector Steve Gaskin.

The Crime Masterclasses usually last around 60 minutes and are perfect for conferences, after dinner talks and events energisers. These can be delivered virtually or live. 

Just some of the engaging topics we offer..

British Serial Killers

Exploring serial killers, from famous cases, to why “ordinary” people become serial killers.

The Psychology of Gangs

What has caused young men to turn to a life of violence and crime. Look at the rise in girl members.

The World of Psychopaths

What “makes” a psychopath, do psychopaths go on to kill? Are you a psychopath? 

Offender Profiling

What Offender Profiling is, Jack the Ripper, and draw up your own offender profile.

Fingerprint Masterclass

Learn about the history of fingerprints and how to classify fingerprints!

Murdered or Missing?

The world of missing persons, and what happens when the line of enquiry goes cold?

Psychology of Violence

Why are people violent? Are they born violent or do they learn it!

Women Who Kill

Why do women kill. Are they worse than their male counterparts?

Undercover Cops

What is undercover policing? When is it used? Have the police gone too far?

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