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Not sure where to start with your next exhibition? Let the exhibition organisers help!

SNS2023 | East of England Energy Group Conference & Exhibition with Huxley Events

Exhibitions serve as an excellent platform for businesses to showcase their products and services, connect with potential customers, and bring together experts in a similar field. However, organising an exhibition is a complex and challenging task that requires a team of experts to ensure its success. Exhibition organisers play a significant role in making sure that an exhibition runs smoothly and achieves its objectives. In this blog post, we discuss why you should come to experts to organise your next exhibition.

Expertise and Experience from Exhibition Organisers

A successful exhibition requires months of preparation and hard work. Exhibition organisers have the knowledge, expertise, and experience required to manage every aspect of an exhibition, from pre-event planning, to budgeting to post-event evaluation. They also have the skills to handle different challenges that may arise during the event, such as technical issues, last minute changes, and 

Exhibition organisers also have the experience and industry knowledge that is invaluable in ensuring that an exhibition is successful. They know the trends and best practices in the industry, and this knowledge enables them to apply the most effective strategies to make your exhibition a success. 

We always talk about “the power of one”. You should never leave planning down to just one person.. you never know what might happen. We had a client whose organiser left one month before the event with no hand over instructions! We always recommend having at least 2 people working on it.

Huxley Events team during the Exhibition Build at The Norfolk Showground Arena
Time and Resource Management

Organising an exhibition requires significant time and resources. From venue selection to organising logistics, coordinating speakers and marketing the event, there are many things to be done. As a business owner, you may not have the time or resources required to do all of this yourself. However, professional organisers are experts in managing time and resources efficiently. They have the capacity to focus on multiple tasks simultaneously and prioritise them based on their importance. This ensures that no aspect of the event is neglected, and the event runs smoothly.  When you enlist the professionals to help you, they shoulder the responsibility of managing all aspects of the exhibition, allowing you to focus on running your business without the added stress of event management.

Attention to Detail

Organising an exhibition requires impeccable attention to detail. Every aspect of the event is essential, and a minor oversight can have a significant impact on its overall success of the exhibition. Professional exhibition organisers have great attention to detail and focus on every aspect of the event, no matter how small…from the signage, to the seating arrangements, they pay attention to each and every detail. They are meticulous in their work and strive to ensure that everything is in place and running smoothly, so that your event is memorable and enjoyable for your attendees.

Exhibition organisers also have a deep understanding of the customer journey and understand what drives customer engagement. Having them as part of your team can be invaluable to your enjoyment of the event, and the overall success of the event. 

Here at Huxley we have a passion for exhibitions, and a solid track record in planning, budgeting, and executing exceptional events! Many say the best exhibiton organisers in East Anglia!