Why should companies organise social events for their employees this summer?

Our round-up of top reasons to organise a company social event!

There are so many reasons why companies will be, and should be organising social events for their employees this spring and summer season. We’re finding June and July 2023 are booking up far more quickly than 2022 did, with several key dates now fully booked for events with us!

Below are just a few reasons why companies should organise events for their employees…

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1. Boosting employee morale: With the COVID-19 pandemic, many employees have been working from home and may feel isolated or disconnected from the team or organisation. Organising social events can provide a sense of community and improve employee well-being.

2. Increasing team collaboration with a company summer social event: Social events can encourage employees to work together in a more relaxed setting, building relationships and improving communication skills.

3. Recognising employee achievements: Companies can use social events to celebrate employee accomplishments and show appreciation for their hard work! It’s much easier to express this in person than virtually.

4. Improving company culture: Social events can create a positive company culture where employees feel valued and connected to their workplace.

5. Attracting and retaining top talent: A company that values its employees is more likely to attract and retain top talent in a competitive job market. Many people these days are looking for more than just a “job”.

When was the last time your team or organisation planned a company social event?

We’d love to help if you’re looking to organise a team day or away day! With hundreds of activity options including indoor or outdoor team activities, support with venue finding and all the fun extras that come with events! Let us help with just the activity, or organise the whole event. Get in touch with the Huxley Events team for support with your next event.