Company Away Day: The Killing Crime Scene Investigation Experience with bespoke elements

Our client was organising a large scale away day for 190 of their team, and were looking for an exciting and engaging team activity for the afternoon of their event.

The Brief

They were looking for a “true crime” experience for the team to align with the event themes and key objectives. They wanted an indoor event with some outdoor elements to the experience, to get out and about (without any sort of treasure hunt elements).

The Solution

Our flagship experience “The Killing Crime Scene Investigation Experience” was the perfect activity. With 3 giant crime scenes and multiple crime stations (with activities from creating FBI photofits to using our high powered microscopes for hair and fibre analysis). The guests, in their crack crime teams had to work together to solve the heinous crime that had been committed!

From exploring the crime scenes to dust for fingerprints to dissecting the information in the police statements, teams had to work under time pressure to find the method, motive and means!

Bespoke Elements

The initial introduction highlighted the key messaging and theming from the conference and how it tied into the experience and crime they were about to investigate.

Alongside our standard experience, each team had to get out and about into St Pancras to meet our covert “secret police informants” who they gleaned further evidence and clues from! The informants were stationed just a few minutes walk from the venue, but gave the teams the perfect opportunity to get out of the crime room.

The client also choose to further bespoke their event by adding “suspect” photos from the production companies well known TV shows, adding a further personalised element to the experience.

The Feedback

Hi Victoria and team
A HUGE thank you for yesterday, and making the day the success it was. Everyone loved the activity, and there really was something for everyone. Thank you for being so efficient and making our lives so easy in the lead up, we know you had it covered!
Neil was fantastic and fascinating! Still disgusted about how many fingers prints were on the plate!
Good luck with all your Autumn events!
Many thanks

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